Video Games

The sun is shining and it’s great to see everyone taking their hour’s exercise. This might be more fitting for the Winter time, but the lessons hold true all the same.

We are all searching for a bit of peace. A bit of happiness. True compassion and empathy is linked with the ability to feel a happiness when you see someone else smile. Instead of begrudging the man in front with his shiny black BMW – nod to the magpie and thank him for making the road beautiful for you. He spent 80,000 to make your world look prettier.

There’s a saying among bikers that if you can get off your bike and walk away without looking back that you bought the wrong one. On the other hand – every bike looks the same when you’re on it. Just flip things inside out every now and again.

So let’s try and find a middle ground in a frequent source of family tensions – Video Games.

Let’s us parents and children meet in the middle adult state and have a grown up conversation. Let’s look through each other’s eyes and learn.

Kids, teens, and 40 year old men who grew up gaming are meditating when they are gaming. That’s right, meditating. Sit back and watch how your significant other games with interest. How do they play? Do they rage about aimbots and hackers when they die? Do they like the middle of the map or do they camp at the edge?

If you want to perform at your best though, you need to hit the flow state consciously. Detatched from your body and floating through the screen. Everybody hits this state when gaming, usually after gaining some familiarity with the controller. Most hit it by accident and then lose it. Watch the streamers that play well and then fall off the wave. They break the keyboard and mouse on their 3k gaming pc, not because they lost, but because someone burst the bubble of the flow state. And they don’t know why.

If you know someone like that, point it out gently to them when the opportunity arises. Subtly. Some people like to learn from experience, but a tiny bit of theory here does wonders. Also, like in Vipassana meditation, a flow state only lasts from 20 minutes to an hour, and that can take years of practice. If you want to be able to flip your flow on and off and game at your best, then there are techniques to be found that can really help.

Flipping it round once more for another look, like anything else, the skills in gaming translate back to life. Just don’t use it like another DoC (Drug of Choice) and numb out again. Like a daydream therapy session, video games are a safe place to practice remaining calm under pressure. The deep satisfaction is in a game well played, a team result, not just your Kill/Death ratio.

Game consciously and bring the lessons back to life with you. And Mum’s and Dad’s everywhere – give your kids time to learn through play.