The Wearing of the Green

The Wearing of the Green

Let’s talk about drugs.

Open a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy book and turn to the page on addictions.  Let’s have a look at our Drug of Choice shall we. From here on in to be called the DOC.  Let’s take a peek inside the cave at the monster lurking in the dark.   

Everyone is numbing out on something.

The truth is that we are all numbing out on something.  TV, alcohol, rage, judgement, football, superstition… Nicotine, Valium, Vicodan and Marijuana, Ecstacy and al-co-hol.

The truth that escapes most is that the real addiction is addiction to thought.  You only think you’re addicted. The grumpy Dr. House played by Hugh Laurie got it right when he said that “Smoking doesn’t kill people, guilt kills people.”  The reclusive, grumpy doctor relying on painkillers to get over his leg wound. He just couldn’t take the pain that that insight had given him and had no time for smalltalk.  

Just as Dr. House pushed his body through the day on Vicodin, we all push our way to our beds with our pet fix.  What’s yours? Drama, Spirituality, Sex. You think you’re so happy and classless and free. You can sleep well because you did a good job.  You earned your salary and don’t wear tracksuits and sell drugs. Umm… TV, rage, judgement. Will I start again?

Let me give you a little glimpse into how the game gets played.  I think most people who smoke cigarettes spend a large proportion of their time being pissed off with themselves for smoking.  I know I did. I mean I do. I mean – see what I did there?  

One sure thing that experience will tell you is that having a negative internal voice about your Drug of Choice does not help.  Lets all collectively dispense with that one. Nagging other people doesn’t work, nagging yourself doesn’t work. So maybe there are some lessons we can take.  Corporations and nations can exhibit people-like behavior.

There is an odd tradition in India that holy men without temples would use Ganga in their worship instead.  A lot of us in life are without a temple. A lot of us are facing stormy times and the current virus is a collective time of reflection.  Acknowledge the good of your DOC. It’s one step to recovery. In extreme cases, if it were not for your DOC you might not be here. If it wasn’e for ya wellies, where would you be… Rage, MDMA.  Let’s not get too judgemental here.  

Cocaine leaves were never meant to be processed by the ton so the we could as a society dive headfirst into it like some deranged-economic Eton educated Scarface.  You were meant to go on a journey, once in a blue moon, as a milestone.  

So if in the storms of your Apocolypse you need to hide in a temple, just don’t pretend that it is anything else.