Our Approach

Here at A Stick and a Blade our teaching approach is inspired with an interest in mindfulness. There is something about the scythe that lends itself to a mindful approach, and some use it as a form of physical meditation.

In fact, it was the scythe which first gave Matthew an interest in meditation. Many people who get skillful at using one feel a sense of mindfulness when they are mowing. It is interesting to think about introducing this idea early and directly when teaching. Over the last couple of years, the influence of mindfulness has naturally had an influence on our teaching methods.

Even if not explicitly teaching mindfulness, when teaching the scythe we have found that using some mindful techniques in a scything course really works well. Sometimes for beginners there can seem to be a disconnect between mind and body. Ideally the scythe is moving and our body is simply following. The puzzle for the teacher, is how to impart as quickly as possible that information to the body of the student. It is a beautiful challenge and each student teaches us a deeper understanding of the process.

In some countries people meet for regular scything meditation sessions. At some time in the near future, we would love to teach scything meditation days, perhaps for people who have some experience with the scythe and would like to deepen there experience. This website too will be a home for articles for us to explore this idea.

Whatever your experience or skill level – meditation can help you scythe, and scything can help you meditate. One thing is sure, mindfulness will remain a part of our use of the scythe.