Needle and Haystack

Which would you rather have?

The Needle and The Haystack

To someone gathering food for their herd, they’d rather have the haystack. My mother would probably prefer the needle.

There is a thought in Wiccan and Druidic tradition that every trial in your life, every flaw in the mandala, is just more fuel to the fire. Nothing is wasted.

Looking at life from the middle gives a strange point of view. We need to feed our animals so that our Mother can bake our cakes. She needs us to find her needle so that she can make our clothes.

The haystack is everything in our life that we think we don’t need but makes us us.
The sharp love of truth that is our needle is the light shining in the dark.

So keep your candles burning, keep your eye simple, for the eye is the lamp of the body.