Day Three

Day 3 of the mowing meditation.

Just a quick video today.  Upload speed is an bit of an issue, and I’ve gotta get out to work on weekdays so no time for faffing.

I can’t overstate the value of what I’ve learned so far.  It’s very interesting to watch one’s self back and relate what I’m seeing to what I’m feeling.  I’m thinking of my setup and my posture.  I’ve been contemplating a different snath for a while.

I’m also conscious that the lawn hasn’t been mowed for just over a month.  The grass is soft and light and easy to cut, but it’s not exactly a lawn.  It’s halfway between meadow and lawn.  I’m leaving quite a bit of striping. 

It will be interesting to watch my technique improve at the same time as the quality of the lawn. 

That’s a lot of thinking for what is meant to be a meditation, and I’m noticing that too…

… which is the whole point of it.

“… there is a field…” – Rumi


Sunday Morning Worship

Church Bells

Continuing on with the lawn mowing project. I know the scythe happens to be “my thing”. Of course I think it’s great. But what’s more important is that you have “your thing”. And the attitude you bring to it.

I love the learning in it, and I love finding the beauty in the moments when you forget all of the learning.

Already I am noticing the edge, the setup, my own desire to rush, my posture…..

A very quick thank you to Phil at Scythe Cymru for sending me an 85cm Luxor blade that he specially prepared for me. Phil is the go to man for all things peening, and for an extra tenner, he will give your blade his special attention.

“It won’t stay sharp for long!” he warned me. “I know.” I replied, and ordered a top of the range peening anvil. Looking after your tools is part of the “prayerful” attitude that I want to bring to this practice.

At work I use a ditch blade that I don’t particularly care about, on less than ideal terrain. Sometimes, in the rush of the work day, tools aren’t looked after the way they should be. In my morning practice, I can look after the tools, and more importantly myself.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Starting off the day like this, maybe it will follow me through my day…

Morning Mowing

It’s been on my mind for quite some time to do something on mowing lawns.  I think it’s the ultimate challand there is so much to learn in there.

I’m also going to make it my new morning wake up routine and record my progress.

I’m just sharing a quick video and some photos.  There will be more detailed posts as I go.

It’s surprising how much I noticed from the short spell this morning, and from watching myself back.   That is one of  the main points of it.  But also to find the way of ease in it too.

Expect those stripes to disappear in time. I don’t mind showing my mistakes.

New article: Synchronicity

A strange place to see a discussion about Tarot. A very straightforward discussion.

Check out the video that accompanies it. I show how a Tarot reading can be used in a non supernatural way to explore ideas. The subject for the reading is – what will Sam Harris think about the Tarot.

I had fun with it. Take a look.

Find the article here:

And the video here:

Click for article
Click for video

Waking Up

Lots of meditation resources are releasing free during the COVID 19 outbreak.

The Waking Up is excellent and has now got loads of content. If you have some breath awareness already, there are some powerfully simple little practices. The app is worth downloading just for Loch Kelly and The Headless Way glimpse practices.

No nonsense stuff to go with some of my own articles.

The Last Taboo

Everyone is stressing.

The only way to avoid stress is to think of other people first. Give yourself away to serving those close to you. Give your heart away.

Be with the ones love, and love the ones you are with.

Only the penitent man will pass.

Stay safe, stay calm, keep digging.

For humour see twitter G @matthew_tull

Laughter and love.

Bored Panda? Bored Badger

A strange take on meditation.

If you are locked in with nothing to do, do nothing!

The field is bigger than you think.

Check out the headless way app. Douglas Harding. Use Google. I’m not doing the hard work for you. You have to find it yourself.

Best of luck.

This message will self destruct.

Blessed Water

Blessed Water

The Virgin Mary appeared to the children at the grotto in Mellary. “The water is blessed”.
If you are short of hand sanitizer, bring a bit of Midleton with you.

Gopala, Gopala

Uisce Beatha,
Be safe.