An “Object” Lesson in Meditation

An “Object” Lesson in Meditation: What’s in the Nothing Box

So if you have any experience in meditation, we’ll skip to the juicy bits. If you haven’t, you can just sit back and relax, that’s all the same thing.

So you’ll need to take a slight leap with me here. A healthy “suspension of disbelief” to borrow Blackadder’s turn of phrase. Try listening to some meditation instructions more as a narration of the experience, and relax into it.

So here is a practical use for the skill and focus that you gain by listening to your breath. However you find it, take your seat and give this a go.

I stumbled across Antony de Mello’s book “Sadhana – a Way to God” some time ago. It’s a very interesting and practical book on meditation regardless of your belief structure. If you replace God or Christ with Love or Universe or Self or Other you can leap into the Mary Poppins chalk drawing for a moment.

So here’s the practical exercise. See the photos in the blog and zoom in for more detail.

Pick an object. Maybe a personal one, maybe mundane. Hold it in your hands. What does it feel like. Temperature. What does it remind you of?



Without words ask yourself in a quiet whisper… What is this object saying to me?






Maybe a sound snaps you out of it and you take away a knew piece/peace of knowledge and experience.

Check him out, he’s an interesting dude.

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