Day Three

Day 3 of the mowing meditation.

Just a quick video today.  Upload speed is an bit of an issue, and I’ve gotta get out to work on weekdays so no time for faffing.

I can’t overstate the value of what I’ve learned so far.  It’s very interesting to watch one’s self back and relate what I’m seeing to what I’m feeling.  I’m thinking of my setup and my posture.  I’ve been contemplating a different snath for a while.

I’m also conscious that the lawn hasn’t been mowed for just over a month.  The grass is soft and light and easy to cut, but it’s not exactly a lawn.  It’s halfway between meadow and lawn.  I’m leaving quite a bit of striping. 

It will be interesting to watch my technique improve at the same time as the quality of the lawn. 

That’s a lot of thinking for what is meant to be a meditation, and I’m noticing that too…

… which is the whole point of it.

“… there is a field…” – Rumi


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