Sunday Morning Worship

Church Bells

Continuing on with the lawn mowing project. I know the scythe happens to be “my thing”. Of course I think it’s great. But what’s more important is that you have “your thing”. And the attitude you bring to it.

I love the learning in it, and I love finding the beauty in the moments when you forget all of the learning.

Already I am noticing the edge, the setup, my own desire to rush, my posture…..

A very quick thank you to Phil at Scythe Cymru for sending me an 85cm Luxor blade that he specially prepared for me. Phil is the go to man for all things peening, and for an extra tenner, he will give your blade his special attention.

“It won’t stay sharp for long!” he warned me. “I know.” I replied, and ordered a top of the range peening anvil. Looking after your tools is part of the “prayerful” attitude that I want to bring to this practice.

At work I use a ditch blade that I don’t particularly care about, on less than ideal terrain. Sometimes, in the rush of the work day, tools aren’t looked after the way they should be. In my morning practice, I can look after the tools, and more importantly myself.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Starting off the day like this, maybe it will follow me through my day…

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