This website is primarily to provide information about, and to promote the use of, the scythe. Hand in hand with this are issues of biodiversity, wellbeing and fitness.

With the scythe at the centre, related topics of interest are discussed. I have a real interest in learning, and there is an intuitively physical element to teaching and learning the scythe. In the dual act of teaching/learning to scythe, there are great object lessons in physical learning and intelligence. These lessons can then be applied in endless ways.

Some peripheral subjects can also yield lessons that can help with our scything and meadow management. In some ways this website is an attempt to pull together different techniques into a coherent teaching system.

Using a scythe is good for you and good the environment. We want to share this with as many people as possible.  We do this by providing information, tuition, sales, advice and community.

Look around our website to see how much the scythe can offer you. 


To promote the use of the Scythe as a useful tool to manage areas of wildflower meadows and as a way of improving physical fitness as a form of exercise and relaxation.  To promote and educate about biodiversity, sustainability, and its benefits to health and wellbeing.

A Stick and a Blade will demonstrate the scythe as a practical tool for today, and preserve an ancient piece of our heritage. We will explore using the scythe for mindfulness, and bringing together other techniques for a rounded out view. Experimenting in physical and visual teaching and learning.

Promotion of the scythe will primarily be through education and training courses off site, distribution of information, demonstrations at public events and to provide access to the tools necessary.


Waking Up

Lots of meditation resources are releasing free during the COVID 19 outbreak. The Waking Up is excellent and has now got loads of content. If you have some breath awareness already, there are some powerfully simple little practices. The app is worth downloading just for Loch Kelly and The Headless Way glimpse practices. No nonsense …

The Last Taboo

Everyone is stressing. The only way to avoid stress is to think of other people first. Give yourself away to serving those close to you. Give your heart away. Be with the ones love, and love the ones you are with. Only the penitent man will pass. Stay safe, stay calm, keep digging. For humour …


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